Rotary Drilling Rig

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR220GC

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR220GC

    Hammer & Steel sells, rents, and services the TYSIM KR220GC drilling rigs that are designed to cover a wide range of processes including bored piles with kelly bars, continuous flight auger (CFA), micro-piles, displacement piles and soil mixing.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR220D

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR220D

    TYSIM rigs are self-mounting, easily transportable and designed to giving the best drilling solutions.
    The hydraulic drilling rig KR220D has been specially designed for suiting the following applications:
    - Power head classification setting, increase the rock entry mode;
    - Single layer wire rope maximizes the service life of the wire rope;
    - Strong rotating performance, to ensure the construction stability and safety, but also to ensure the vertical degree of piling;



    The KR300DS drilling rig in short mast configuration has a working height of only 11m. allowing the rig to be used in low headroom areas under bridges, power lines inside buildings, etc.


  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR300D

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR300D


    TYSIM piling machinery boasts high efficiency with its performance higher than the common similar piling machine in the world. The reliable structure ensures the piling machine can operate in harsh working condition. TYSIM piling rigs is widely used in civil engineering, city construction and railway piling construction. As drilling equipment, the piling rigs can be used in clay, pebble bed and rock. The powerful engine and reliable components make a solid foundation for rotary drilling rig to achieve excellent performance. And the intelligent design make safer operation and less troubleshooting cost.


  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR300C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR300C

    The TYSIM line of high production hydraulic drilling rigs feature heavy-duty cat carriers with impressive torque and crowd capabilities designed for hard drilling conditions and large diameter applications.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR285C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR285C

    Caterpillar is first brand in the world, normally one type must design more than 10 years. Compare with China, normally design 1 year will go and sell in the market.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR90M

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR90M

    Tysim KR90M continuous flight auger piles (CFA) are cast-in-place piles, using a single continuous hollow stemed auger.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR90C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR90C

    KR90C rotary drilling rig is equipped with the Caterpillar CAT318D chassis of extraordinary stability and reliability. It adopts the Caterpillar CAT C4.4 electric control turbo-supercharged engine to provide strong power and conformity with EPA Tier III emission standard.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR150C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR150C

    The KR150C uses a CAT chassis, and its reliability is recognized internationally. The power head has multi-stage shock absorption technology, which is not available on ordinary rigs, ensuring the stability of the whole machine construction.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR150M

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR150M

    The KR150M uses a CAT chassis, multifunctional rotary drilling rig capable of realizing CFA work method.It’s reliability is recognized internationally.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR165C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR165C

    KR165C rotary excavation product adopts Caterpillar 326 chassis with built-in track widening function, which improves the stability of the whole machine by 20%.

  • Rotary Drilling Rig KR220C

    Rotary Drilling Rig KR220C

    There are used rotary drilling rigs which have been working more than 10 years, almost there are caterpillar base rotary drilling rig.

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