Hydraulic Piling Rig Parts

  • Casing Pipe

    Casing Pipe

    1)The technical parameters and processes of the products are in line with the Bauer standard; 2)Deformation and accuracy is strictly con trolled though heat treatment,each casing is interchangeable; 3)Besides Bauer ,casing is also suitable for Soilmec, Casagrande and other brand; Casing Dia. Inner Shell THK. Outer Shell THK. Casing THK. Bolts No. Weight(3 meter) 680-600 8 12 40 8 1090 880-800 8 12 40 10 1335 1080-1000 10 16 40 10 2180 1280-1200 10 16 40 12 2480 1600-1500 12 20 50...
  • Kelly bar

    Kelly bar

    Product Description Understand what customers need and provide what customers want, TYSIM not only supply Kelly bars for drill rigs of world’s top brands, but also provide one-stop solution for the world foundation construction users. While providing customized quality products, our services will leave you with no worries…

  • Buckets and Augers

    Buckets and Augers

    We purchase top quality raw materials from leading raw-steel factory.
    Our drilling tools can be customized depending on kinds of rigs and site conditions.
    We require high quality of welding, therefore we employ at least 8 years experienced welders.
    Advanced welding and design ensure the products