Rotary Drilling Rig KR220C

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Hammer & Steel sells, rents, and services the TYSIM KR220GC drilling rigs that are designed to cover a wide range of processes including bored piles with kelly bars, continuous flight auger (CFA), micro-piles, displacement piles and soil mixing.

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Technical specification of KR220C rotary drilling rig
Torque 220 kN.m
Max. diameter 1800/2000mm
Max. drilling depth 64/51
Speed of rotation 5~26 rpm
Max. crowd pressure 210 kN
Max. crowd pull 220 kN
Main winch line pull  230 kN
Main winch line speed 60 m/min
Auxiliary winch line pull 90 kN
Auxiliary winch line speed 60 m/min
Stroke(crowd system) 5000 mm
Mast inclination(lateral) ±5°
Mast inclination(forward)
Max. operating pressure 35MPa
Pilot pressure 4 MPa
Travel speed 2.0 km/h
Traction force  420 kN
Operating height 21082 mm
Operating width 4300 mm
Transport height 3360 mm
Transport width 3000 mm
Transport length 15300 mm
Overall weight 65t
Model CAT-C7.1
Cylinder number*diameter*stroke(mm) 6*112*140
Displacement(L) 7.2
Rated power(kW/rpm) 195/2000
Output standard European III
Kelly bar
Type Interlocking Friction
Diameter*Section*length 440mm*4*14000mm(standard) 440mm*5*14000mm(optional)
Depth 51m 64m

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