Rotary Drilling Rig KR220D

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TYSIM rigs are self-mounting, easily transportable and are designed to provide the best drilling solutions. The hydraulic drilling rig KR220D has been specially designed to be suitable for the following applications: – The power head classification setting can increase the rock entry mode; – The single-layer wire rope can maximize the service life of the wire rope; – It has strong rotating performance, which not only ensures the construction stability and safety, but also ensures the verticality of piling.

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Technical specification of KR220D rotary drilling rig
Torque 220 kN.m
Max. diameter 1800/2000mm
Max. drilling depth 64/51
Speed of rotation 5~26 rpm
Max. crowd pressure 210 kN
Max. crowd pull 220 kN
Main winch line pull  230 kN
Main winch line speed 60 m/min
Auxiliary winch line pull 90 kN
Auxiliary winch line speed 60 m/min
Stroke(crowd system) 5000 mm
Mast inclination(lateral) ±5°
Mast inclination(forward)
Max. operating pressure 34.3 MPa
Pilot pressure 4 MPa
Travel speed 2.8 km/h
Traction force  420 kN
Operating height 21077 mm
Operating width 4300 mm
Transport height 3484 mm
Transport width 3000 mm
Transport length 15260 mm
Overall weight 69tonsS
Model QSL9
Cylinder number*diameter*stroke(mm) 6*114*145
Displacement(L) 8.9
Rated power(kW/rpm) 232/1900
Output standard European III
Kelly bar
Type Interlocking Friction
Diameter 440mm 440mm
Section*length 4*14000mm(standard) 5*14000mm(optional)
Depth 51m 64m

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