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There are used rotary drilling rigs which have been working more than 10 years, almost there are caterpillar base rotary drilling rig.

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Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, the KR220M delivers exceptional drilling productivity, allowing you to overcome challenging terrain and reach greater depths quickly. Its advanced control system provides real-time monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal drilling conditions and prevent equipment problems. This enables operators to work more efficiently and safely.

The KR220M has a compact design for maximum maneuverability even in tight spaces. Its hydraulic tracks and telescoping mast system provide excellent stability and agility, enabling the operator to access and drill in previously inaccessible confined areas. The rig's versatility is further enhanced with the ability to quickly switch between drilling methods to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Product Introduction

1. Caterpillar CAT330D Chassis;
2. Original Caterpillar Engine CAT-7.1; Power is 186kW
3. One of the three factories in China to do with Caterpillar base;
4. In 2010, first brand in China before also use Caterpillar base to open market;
5. For this CAT330D, in Caterpillar one year manufacturing more than 10000 sets, stable quality;
6. Working pressure is 35Mpa, compare to China brand, which are 30-32Mpa;
7. Caterpillar base is more energy conservation; Torque is higher in the same working power.
8. More value than China normal brand base; After working 18000-2000hours, it can be kept value more than China brand.
9. High efficient technical design and stable famous structure supplier;
10. Good electric control system, big monitor which is assembled in superior cab.
11. Drilling depth measurement system;
12. Have been exported to Philippines, popular and good performance in China many citys.
13. Must transport on two trucks, the Kelly bar and buckets/augers must do transporting in another truck.
14. Do shipping on Ro-on Ro-off Boat or bulk cargo ship;
15. There are used rotary drilling rigs which have been working more than 10 years, almost there are caterpillar base rotary drilling rig;
16. Caterpillar is first brand in the world, normally one type must design more than 10 years. Compare with China, normally design 1 year will go and sell in the market;
17. In China most rotary drilling rig base are designed and manufacturing by own company, which may be with 1000 sets in one year;
18. Engineers in Tysim more than 13 years experience, which focus on small and middle rotary drilling rig;
19. Work in bridge project, building project, road project, high-way train project and other.
20. Muti-Function Rotary drilling rig;
21. First brand in China for tysim to do Muti-function rotary drilling rig;
22. CFA augers and GMP type function with different drilling tools;
23. Have exporting to Singapore, who has been using more than 1700hours, without any problem;
24. FOB Port Name is Shanghai, Tianjin and others.

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