Tysim Power Construction drilling rig is constructing in the first foundation of the pilot construction project of the “Ningxia-Hunan” UHV transmission line.

Recently, the first foundation of the pilot activity of the Ningxia-Hunan ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project (Hunan section) was held in ChangDe, marking the beginning of the basic project. The aim of the project is to implement standardized construction to build a high-quality power project that is "safe, reliable, independent innovation, reasonable economy, friendly atmosphere, and world-class" to ensure successful first-time operation and long-term safe operation. For this reason, Tysim KR110D power construction drilling rig was put into the mechanized foundation construction of the project to ensure the safe and stable completion of the project with quality and quantity. 

Tysim Power Construction drilling rig1

The "Ningbo Electricity to Hunan" project has a profound impact on Ningxia and Hunan provinces

 "Ningxia Power to Hunan", is the Ningxia-Hunan ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project is the first UHV DC project in China to transmit from the Shagehuang base. Ningxia's new energy power will be collected and sent to the Hunan load center with a rated voltage of ±800 kV and a transmission capacity of 8 million kilowatts. The construction of the project will effectively improve Hunan's power supply guarantee capability. At the same time, it will promote the development of new energy resources in Ningxia and to promote clean and low-cost energy. It is of great significance to implement carbon transformation, strengthen power supply guarantee, assist the economic and social development of Ningxia and Hunan, and serve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

Tysim Power Construction Drilling Rig Joins Pilot work of Basic Foundation.

After careful on-site investigation, the project selected Leg A of No. 4882 to use an power construction drilling rig to drill holes mechanically, Leg B to display finished products, Leg C to install steel cages, and Leg D to lock the wall. Tysim KR110D power construction drilling rig, one of the "Five Brothers" of power construction rigs, is selected for mechanized foundation construction. Its main features are light weight of the main engine, strong climbing ability, ability to drive large pile diameters, high rock penetration efficiency, and continuous operation in all-weather and all-weather environments. The advantage is that construction safety risks can be effectively reduced during foundation pit excavation.

Tysim Power Construction drilling rig2
Tysim Power Construction drilling rig3

"Five Brothers" of Tysim power construction drilling rigs are working on the major power construction projects

In the past, the construction of line tower foundations in power grid construction relied heavily on manpower. The construction of these projects was extremely difficult and dangerous in various terrains such as inland mountains and paddy fields. Due to the lack of professional and efficient customized pile equipment companies, so it failed to realize the development goal of "fully mechanized construction" proposed by the State Grid Group eight years ago.

To this end, after four years of hard work, Tysim traveled to various construction sites in more than ten provinces across the country, and successively developed and customized five models for the State Grid Group, which was called the "Five Brothers of Power Construction drilling rig" by the State Grid Group. Those projects that once had no equipment available and had to rely on manual teams taking more than a month to complete a tower base, they are now able to be completed within three days with Tysim equipment. According to feedback from the construction side, the "Five Brothers of Power Construction drilling rig" is highly efficient, safe and reliable. Compared with the traditional manual excavation method, it not only greatly improves the work efficiency and shortens the construction period, but also reduces the construction risk level and labor cost and to ensure personal safety.

Tysim Power Construction drilling rig4

At present, major power construction projects across the country are still proceeding, and Tysim has not stopped either. It will continue to extend the application scenarios of mechanical excavation in alpine areas, develop modular power construction drilling rigs, and break through the bottleneck of mechanical excavation of foundation pits in alpine terrain. This will lay the foundation for subsequent promotion of all-terrain mechanized construction.

Post time: Nov-22-2023