TYSIM first KR220C fully electronically controlled rotary drilling rig worked in Zhejiang construction

The new KR220C fully electronically controlled CT rotary drilling rig of TYSIM went to Qingyuan County, Lishui, Zhejiang to participate in the construction of intelligent automobile industrial park in July 2020.

It is reported that the site geological conditions of the project are complex, including backfill soil, cohesive soil, silt, highly weathered and moderately weathered rock strata, as well as solitary stone in the stratum. The pile diameter is 800mm, and the depth is about 30m. The stratum is complex and the construction is difficult. The client overcomes all kinds of difficulties in using KR220C rotary drilling rig to meet the design requirements of pile foundation, the rig is stable and reliable, mainly saving oil, and they are very satisfied with the progress of construction.

The CAT chassis of the TYSIM KR220C rotary drilling rig adopts a full electronic control system, and the cab adopts internal pressurization technology to prevent dust from entering, and the air suspension seat increases the comfort of the driver.

●The engine starts with one click and adopts the advanced (Acert) series electric injection diesel engine. The combustion emission reduction technology (Acert) is adopted to meet the European III environmental protection emission standard.

● The hydraulic main pump adopts an independent electronically controlled main pump to realize advanced engine or hydraulic power controlling and improve operation performance and fuel efficiency. The series double main pump design eliminates the gear loss of the previous parallel design.

● The integrated electro-hydraulic control valve of the hydraulic main valve cancels the pilot oil control, significantly reduces the chance of leakage and parasitic load on the main pump, and reduces the loss along the tubing joint and under the tubing in the bridge.

●The electronic smart fan saves 3% of fuel, each fan is independently controlled, works according to its own oil temperature, and adds reverse function to clean the radiator fins.

● Saving 15% on maintenance. The maintenance cycle is extended, the hydraulic oil consumption is reduced, and the pilot hydraulic oil filter is omitted. The magnetic filter mesh is used to replace the shell discharge filter. The new air filter has a stronger dust holding capacity and excellent parts versatility.

● The power head adopts standard mode and strong rock entry mode and Increasing the efficiency of drilling machine.

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Post time: Sep-28-2020