The vice President of Fasten Group Co., Ltd. visited TYSIM

Liu Lihua the vice president and chief engineer of Fasten Group Co., Ltd. visited TYSIM on 17th July. As a first-class domestic steel wire rope manufacturing group, its steel wire rope has been used in many domestic key projects.

As an expert of metal products in Jiangsu Province, Mr. Liu clearly knows the operation situation and the current working conditions of TYSIM well.  He gave advice on the type selection of wire rope and customer guidance to us. He appreciates for the rapid development of TYSIM in the piling machinery industry in recent years. As the same time ,he affirmed TYSIM industry positioning of the small products and high-end CAT chassis products industry positioning. In terms of the company’s operation, we discussed the differentiated product strategy of TYSIM, and conducted negotiations and work arrangements for the subsequent in-depth cooperation.

President Mr. Liu is not only the alumnus of Harbin Engineering University, but also the outstanding alumnus of Harbin Engineering University. He also serves as the President of Jiangsu Alumni Association of Harbin Institute of Technology and adjunct professor of Harbin Institute of Technology. He is the outstanding representative of the study and exchange of the alumni.  There’s also another two alumni entrepreneurs attended this meeting.