The TYSIM small rotary drilling rig KR40 and KR50 will enter the New Zealand market

Jiangsu TYSIM Piling Equipment Co., Ltd. has independently developed and manufactured KR40 and KR50 modular rotary drilling rigs since 2014. This type of small rotary drilling machine is an innovative milestone product, referred to as modular rotary drilling machine, which is specially used for rapid restructuring of rotary drilling machine. The basic characteristics are: light and flexible machine, low transportation height, low working height, large drilling diameter, small drilling volume and other characteristics. So far, it has been exported to Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dominica, Russia and other countries, and has been well received by customers.

Recently, the modular rotary drilling machine KR40 and KR50 were sent to New Zealand. This is the first time that the small rotary drilling machine of TYSIM entered the New Zealand market. Upholding the core values of “focus, creation and value”, TYSIM has designed a new customized green KR40 and KR50 for customers, only to meet the needs of customers. This is also the biggest advantage of TYSIM all the time, providing customers with high-quality customized services.

We hope that as a leading small rotary drilling rig enterprise in China, More rotary digging equipment of TYSIM will enter the New Zealand market one after another, so as to create higher value for local infrastructure construction and leasing units and improve infrastructure.


KR40 and KR50 customized rotary drilling rig

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Post time: Dec-16-2020