Buckets and Augers

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We purchase top quality raw materials from leading raw-steel factory.
Our drilling tools can be customized depending on kinds of rigs and site conditions.
We require high quality of welding, therefore we employ at least 8 years experienced welders.
Advanced welding and design ensure the products

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Buckets and Augers
Technical Specification of Drilling Buckets with soil drilling Teeth
drilling Dia. Shell Length  Shell Thickness Weight
(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
600 1200 16 640
800 1200 16 900
900 1200 16 1050
1000 1200 16 1200
1200 1200 16 1550
1500 1200 16 2050
1800 1000 20 2700
2000 800 20 3260
Buckets and Augers2
Buckets and Augers3
Buckets and Augers4
Buckets and Augers5

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Our Advantages

With the help of experienced team of engineers and well-supervised production team, Drillmaster has a greater ability to produce top-quality foundation drilling tools.

High-quality welding and finishing throughout the drilling tool is very important to increase the life of the Drilling tool.

Wear resisting strips on the drilling tool help to minimize the wearing out of body of the drilling tools.

Each different type of drilling tool is designed to meet maximum possible variations in the soil for specific job-site conditions.

The angle of attack of drilling bits are variable according to the type of soil/rock to generate maximum efficiency during drilling.

Each drilling bit is positioned at a specific angle on the bottom plate to make sure there is minimum wearing out and breakage of the drilling bits or holders.

Drillmaster manufactured rock drilling buckets or augers have all the bits at the correct 6 angels, which have been found out after a series of drilling tests performed in hard rock to facilitate rotation during drilling.

Drillmaster provides an on-time after sales service when/if required by the customers for any issues.

Packing & Shipping

Buckets and Augers6


1. What kind of drilling tools can we provide? 

Ans.: We can provide drilling tools for almost all the brand rotary drilling rig, In addition to the above model specifications, our company can produce special specification products to customer requirements.

2. What is the advantages of our products?

Ans.:We use super quality raw material, which makes the drilling tools more durable and our drilling tools with competitive price. No matter you are dealers or end user, you will get the biggest profit.

3. What is the lead time?

Ans.: Usually the lead time is 7-10 days after receipt of your payment.

4. What payment terms do we accept?

Ans.: We accept T/T in advance or L/C at sight.

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